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Add Related Knowledge

What does Related Knowledge mean?

A Related Knowledge (RK) is any type of electronic document, file or online resource relevant to the sustainable development of the oceans that can be referenced, linked or uploaded into the UN Atlas of the Oceans website.

Types of RKs available in the UN Atlas of the Oceans are: documents, events, news, project records, websites, database, contacts, as well as references to books.

RKs can be suggested, added and/or connected to topics.

What should you Suggest?

The purpose of the UN Atlas of the Oceans website is to provide people with quality materials that may facilitate their personal learning about ocean issues or be useful to them if they are teaching or training others on ocean sustainable activities/uses. Therefore, the Editors would be pleased to receive suggestions of any relevant book, report, training manual, toolkit, video, CD-ROM, website, PowerPoint presentation, software or similar items that may be a valuable source of information about ocean matters.

How to Suggest/Add RKs?

Only registered members can suggest/add new knowledge to the UN Atlas of the Oceans. If you are not yet a member, you should first register.

After login, use the    button or use the   button to find the most appropriate topic to which you would like to add your RK. Looking for the most suitable topic also means that you evaluate the relevance of your RK in relation to the topic context, as well as check if there are similar RKs in the website. In the latter case, you are asked to review your RK in order to provide UN Atlas users with relevant, selected and top quality materials at any topic tree level. Browsing the website will offer a good indication of subjects that are suitable and may prevent RK name and content duplication.

To suggest/add RKs you need to go to the bottom section of the topic screen where a drop-down list of RK types is available. Once you have selected your RK type, click on "Suggest", the available option for members, while if you already are an editor the "Add" option will be displayed. The RK "Add" form will open and you need to fill in the requested form fields, as well as optional information, if you wish. Please provide appropriate keywords, specific to the subject of your knowledge, using preferably the AGROVOC thesaurus. Click on the  button when finished.

You will be notified within a few days, via your Explorer Inbox, whether your related knowledge has been accepted by the topic editor. If you already are an editor, your RK will be automatically added to the topic after data implementation in the relevant form.

Once your RK has been accepted/added into the system you will become the RK owner and can therefore edit/delete it.

Please note that documents and books are added as references containing a title, the author, a description or abstract, year of publication and other information such as number of pages, type of resource, reference numbers, etc. A link to where the document may be downloaded or from where it may be ordered should be added and when possible, documents should be uploaded directly onto the UN Atlas server as this makes it faster for people to access and download them.

How to Connect RKs to Topics?

When you suggest RKs, you can also suggest connecting them to other topics in the UN Atlas of the Oceans using the Relate RK to Topics field, near the bottom of the "Add" form.

Connections are thought to be a way to enrich topic information, share additional knowledge, improve topic quality, leading the users to a deeper/wider overview about the topic subject.

Click on the  button when your form has been filled in. You will be notified within a few days through your Explorer Inbox if your knowledge has been accepted. The topic editor who receives your proposal may accept as well as change/delete the connection(s) you suggested.

When suggesting a connection, the first Editor of the topic to which you proposed to connect your RK will receive a posting in his/her Explorer Inbox to notify the suggested connection so that he/she can decide whether to accept or reject it.

How to Edit RKs?

Once your RK has been accepted, you can edit the reference information at any time, if necessary, through your Explorer My Knowledge screen or entering the Edit screen via the RK page. Then click on  the button to complete the edit process.

Please note that your RK information may also be edited by the editor(s) of topics to which the RK is connected to and by the Chief Editor.

How to Delete RKs?

To delete knowledge, access the Edit screen and click on the   button in the heading bar.

It is also possible to delete only parts of your RK information simply deleting entered data into the "Edit" form. You can only delete RKs you own.