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Getting Started

Welcome to the UN Atlas of the Oceans Getting Started Information

UN Atlas of the Oceans is an Internet portal which can be used by anyone without registering as a member. It is free to use, for non-commercial purposes. There is no cost for becoming a member or using the materials.

The Atlas is set up as a hierarchy of editors, with a UN Agency at the top of most topics. We are particularly interested in developing collaborations with government or academic institutions that could contribute materials as well as take over editing of topics for which they are highly qualified.

Individuals or organisations with a particular interest and/or expertise in Ocean related topics may decide to become UN Atlas members enjoying the membership benefits, as well as getting involved in editorial activities.

To enable new users to rapidly find their way around our website, links and tutorials below will help them to get started:


  • Looking for...
    Guidelines on looking for ocean related information in the UN Atlas of the Oceans website
  • Become an Editor (advanced option for members)
    Guidelines on becoming an Atlas editor 
  • Add Related Knowledge (advanced option for members)
    Guidelines on suggesting/adding new related knowledge 
  • The Atlas Explorer (advanced option for members)
    Guidelines on using the Atlas Explorer 
  • Content and Submission Policy
    Information on contributing to the Atlas
  • Terminology used in the Atlas
    Short descriptions of the most common terms used in the Atlas