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This Worldview of the UN Atlas of the Oceans considers broad, cross-cutting ocean issues such as sustainability, food security, global change, and pollution. The Issues section is concerned with the interaction of humans and the oceans; their use of the oceans for food, development, transport and the issues that arise as a result.

Photo credit: Images courtesy of NOAA

Global change has become an increasing concern and the likely impact of climate change on food security, ecosystem services and human health is one of the most challenging issues for the UN-Oceans agencies worldwide. Other issues include emergencies and the humanitarian response both within the UN-Oceans agencies and from the broader UN community; occupational health and safety issues at sea; socioeconomic concerns; and the most appropriate forms of governance, science communication, education, and outreach to resolve these issues.

The focus is on sustainable development of the oceans, considered at the global, regional and national level. The large marine ecosystem concept has proved another useful level of organisation.