Best Fish Guide 2007-2008 launched: More fish go red but some nearly green

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13 Nov 2007 - 18 Jan 2016
Seven more species of fish have joined the red list of unsustainable fisheries, but several come close to earning a sustainability tick on Forest & Bird's new Best Fish Guide. Today Forest & Bird launched its third Best Fish Guide to help consumers make the best choices for the sustainability of the marine environment when they buy fish. Forest & Bird Conservation Advocate Kirstie Knowles says it is disappointing to see that seven more fish species - red snapper, moonfish, striped marlin, blue shark, mako shark, porbeagle shark and lookdown dory - have joined the list of fisheries which are environmentally unsustainable since the guide was last compiled in 2005-06. On a more positive note, several species - kina [sea urchin], anchovy, pilchards, sprats and blue mackerel - are within just 1-2 points of making it into the green list of fisheries which are sustainable. Again, no species are ranked as sustainable, but with improvements to fisheries management we could potentially see some fisheries be ranked in the green list in future.