The Essentials of the Environment

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28 Feb 2005 -
This book refers to the UN Atlas of the Oceans in its useful Ocean section.
Environmental issues such as possible climate change, pollution, nuclear waste, water resources, food and famine have a high public as well as political profile. The role that humans may have played in causing some of these problems, as well as some of the things we could do to reduce their impact, are also topics of major interest. The Essentials of the Environment presents a fascinating insight into these subjects and many more, providing general information and informed discussion enhanced by international case studies. The book is illustrated throughout with photographs and figures and comprehensive cross-references guide the reader to related issues. Important technical details are presented in stand-alone boxes and guides to further resources are included for the reader wishing to delve further into particular issues. Anyone concerned about their environment will find this an essential reference addressing all the key issues from oil spills to global warming to genetic engineering. It will also be a great course companion for students for physical geography and the environment.
Author: Kerski,J
Organizer: Hodder Arnold
Location: London (UK)

Related Topics: Facts, Ecology, Ecosystems