Building Community Capacity for Tourism Development

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31 Jul 2008 -
Tourism has become an important tool for development in rural and remote areas. However, it often fails to produce the promised benefit and has caused several negative impacts. Drawing attention to the potential outcomes for communities when using tourism as a development strategy, this book provides a focused analysis of this emerging issue and seeks to provide positive guidance on improving the process of tourism planning and development. Community-based ecotourism is a potentially effective strategy for connecting the business of tourism with local goals of sustainable development and long-term environmental conservation. Community-based tourism is more likely than other forms of tourism to build new skills, and leadership in communities and thus arguably has better chances of building environmental stewardship. Proving models and frameworks that can be applied to any developing area, this book will be useful to both academic and government policy makers interested in tourism and rural development.
Author: Moscardo, G.
Organizer: CABI
Location: Wallingford, Oxfordshire (UK)

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