A Fishery Manager's Guidebook (Second edition)

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31 May 2009 -
Proper fisheries management is essential for the future of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and involves a complex and wide-ranging set of tasks. This book brings together a number of experts, whose chapters interlink to cover the major components of fisheries management, from small-scale, artisanal fisheries in developing countries to technology-intensive, large-scale fisheries in developed countries. Primarily aimed at those charged with over-seeing and implementing fisheries management, at regional, national, local or individual level, this practical, multi-disciplinary guide will also be useful to the many other types of individuals participating in different tasks and components of management: fishers, managers of fishing companies, conservationists, natural scientists, economists, social scientists, lawyers and others.
Author: Kevern L. Cochrane, Serge M. Garcia
Organizer: Wiley-Blackwell
Location: Oxford (UK)