Quality of Fish from Catch to Consumer. Labelling, Monitoring and Traceability

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30 Nov 2002 -
The complexity of the European fishery sector, the attitudes towards quality labelling GMP and the needs for quality information are presented. The progress of implementing traceability (schemes) from catch to consumer is covered. Fishermen give their view on GMP on board of their vessels. New tools for measuring the quality of the catch and the experience with quality grading of the landed fish by QIM are described. Attention is paid to recent developments of E-commerce of fish via the auctions. The possibilities of combining various instrumental methods for measuring fish quality are highlighted.
A range of contributions on labelling systems, industrial standards, awards and certification procedures for the quality of fish are included. An overview on consumer research on fish in Europe is presented. In addition papers are covering consumer's responses to fresh fish, the evaluation of a promotion campaign for seafood consumption and consumer's opinions towards farmed fish, health and food safety.
The implications of quality labels for the consumers and the influence on their buying decision process are addressed. Two papers discussing labelling, price and packaging as value indicators and the product differentiation for shellfish complete the book.
Author: Luten, J. B., Oehlenschläger, J. and Ólafsdóttir, G. (eds)
Organizer: Wageningen Academic Publishers
Location: Wageningen (The Netherlands)