Baltic Sea Region Perspectives - innovation, mobility, integration

Events - Conference
09 Nov 2006 -
One of the most dynamic growth centres of the new Europe is situated on its very top and encompasses 11 countries. The Baltic Sea region builds its strengths on diversity, growth and human skills and has a strong history and culture. The Baltic Sea Region exceeds European standards on many indicators, and strives to ensure a strong position in the Europe of tomorrow. The Region seeks to be the role model for Europe in achieving sustainable growth based on innovation, mobility and integration. President Barroso and other European leaders have in recent years praised its visionary initiatives and its solid implementation of the Lisbon agenda. This conference will discuss how the Baltic Sea Region is actively contributing to the common European Agenda and will specify initiatives to be implemented by the EU. The conference will provide insight and analysis with a view to communicate the strengths and identify the challenges of the Baltic Sea Region.
Location: Brussels, Belgium