Pelagic Molluscs of the World

Multimedia - CD-ROM
30 Nov 1999 -
ETI and the Zoological Museum Amsterdam electronically published the first complete overview of all the Pelagic Molluscs of the World. Compiled by marine biologists and planktonologists and produced with the high standards of an academic monograph, this is the definitive source for more than 250 pelagic mollusc species, quite a number of which are important as indicators of oceanographic water mass and as ecological indicators. This CD-ROM contains well over 1500 drawings and photographs and a versatile interactive identification key. It will be an important addition to any comprehensive library of marine science. All text is hyperlinked: an illustrated glossary defines more than 600 scientific terms. All principal literature references for this group are included in this programme.
Author: Estep, K.W.