National Aquatic Biodiversity Information System

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The objectives of NABIS are closely aligned with the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy. The system directly contributes to the strategy's stated goal of ""becoming smarter biodiversity managers"" by providing:

""Good accessible information, underpinned by a growing knowledge base and the capacity to take action... Improved systems to promote information sharing, a consistent approach to monitoring and user-friendly reporting at national, regional and local levels..."".

Specific objectives for the system are to:

  • support decision making processes that affect New Zealand's marine biodiversity
  • allow evaluation of cross species and environmental interaction in fisheries management
  • allow evaluation and management of aquaculture and Mataitai applications
  • improve management of marine biodiversity information through the implementation and maintenance of common database and metadata standards
  • improve communications with stakeholders, especially the tangata whenua and the Minister of Fisheries
  • assist fishers to inprove voluntary compliance