Fish Populations in a Tidal Estuary in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand from 1971 to 2004

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30 Nov 1999 -
Fish netted in a tidal New Zealand estuary from 1971 to 2004 declined between 1971-74 and 2001-04 by 46% in percent occupied tides, 70% in number per tide, 71% in weight per fish, 91% in weight per tide, 48% in length per fish and 85% in length per tide. There was a shift from Early to Mid Dominant species followed by fluctuation between Later Dominants and, briefly, Invaders. Degree of interspecific association was significantly dependent on food preference, a seasonal variable and level of intraspecific association. Spring precipitation was positively related to increases in fish weight and length, followed in the next year by increases in number, weight and length per tide.
Author: Struik,G.