Enmeshed: Australia and Southeast Asia's Fisheries

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31 Oct 2007 -
The report, Enmeshed: Australia and Southeast Asiaís Fisheries, contends that Southeast Asia and Australia are connected by dynamic and growing fish trade, illegal cross border fishing and management of shared fish stocks including the major tuna fisheries of the Indian and Pacific oceans and southern bluefin tuna, and shared stocks of sharks, rays and snappers. These connections have and could still further lead to international tensions over fish and fishing. The tensions are being driven by underlying major problems such as rampant overfishing throughout Southeast Asia, little progress in turning around this problem, overlapping but often ineffective regional fisheries management organizations and a lack of basic information, especially on the social and economic side of the fisheries hotspots, as well as on basic fisheries resource characteristics. The report recommends a course of comprehensive policy action for Australia to take, in regional partnerships with governments, non-government and private sector interests, including those along the international fish supply chains.
Author: Williams, M.J
Organizer: Lowy Institute for International Policy
Location: Sydney (Australia)

Related Topics: Fisheries and Aquaculture