Governance for a Sustainable Future. II: Fishing for the Future

Documents - Report: Technical report
30 Nov 1999 -
In 2000 and after a series of meetings and a look at the solutions to sustainable fisheries from a broad set of user perspectives, the WHAT Fisheries Commission settled on the centrality of rights based management systems, in appropriate forms where the rights can be held by communities, individuals, representatives of groups or a collective. The report of the group is still highly pertinent today as more fisheries move towards rights based system or still seek ways of solving their problems. This Report of the Commission on Fisheries Resources is Part II of Governance for a Sustainable Future, a Report of the World Humanity Action Trust, which draws together the work of three Commissions established by the Trust. Part I of Governance for a Sustainable Future is an integrative paper entitled The World's Commons: The Challenge of Governance. Part III, Managing Diversity for Food Security, is the Report of the Commission on Genetic Diversity in Relation to Food Crops. Part IV, Working with Water, is the Report of the Commission on Water. Further details are available at
Author: Hannesson, R. (Chair)
Organizer: World Humanity Action Trust
Location: London (UK)