Fisheries and Aquaculture in a Changing Climate

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30 Apr 2009 -
Climate change impacts such as more frequent and severe floods and droughts will affect the food and water security of many people. The impact and consequences of climate change on aquatic ecosystems, fisheries and aquaculture -- and on the people that depend on them -- remain uncertain and less well-known. FAO, in partnership with several agencies, highlights the issues of climate change in relation to aquatic ecosystems, fisheries and aquaculture in a new Policy Brief ""Fisheries and Aquaculture in Changing Times"". Aimed at decision-makers and climate change negotiators, the brief describes the role of healthy aquatic ecosystems for food and livelihood security, the crucial role of oceans in climate change and suggests possible mitigation and adaptation tactics as part of a wider aquatic agenda.
Author: UNEP
Organizer: World Bank

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