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01 Feb 2005
Dear UN Atlas members, Many thanks for your continued support in publishing new information on the tsunami pages in the UN Atlas site. Whether you have knowledge on damage assessment, warning systems, reliable geographical sources or relevant news - your interest in sharing and exchanging valuable information can help contribute to the efforts of rebuilding those communities so badly hit by the disaster. If this newsletter may interest someone you know, please forward it. Contribute to and participate in the growing Atlas community by becoming an active Member of the UN...


01 Jan 2005
Dear UN Atlas members, ""I am sure that like me, many of you have watched the most recent natural disaster in Asia unfold with both the wonder and awe of a geoscientist and the compassion of a fellow human being,"" Lihini Aluwihare, researcher at Geosciences, Sri Lanka. This newsletter and all recent efforts in bringing you information on the world's oceans focuses on the devastating tsunami tidal waves which so violently ravaged southern Asia. As members of the UN Atlas, we are all part of the global effort to support the peoples of the Indian...


01 Sep 2004
Welcome to the first issue of the UN Atlas of the Oceans newsletter. With every monthly release, you will receive a round-up of all the latest activity on the site - most recently added topics and all the newest content. The Editors will also be able to inform you of any special happenings regarding the UN Atlas such as new partnerships or awards. We hope you will find this useful. Of course, you can always unsubscribe if you wish. Thank you and enjoy! The UN Atlas of the Oceans Editors Comments? Please write to UN-Atlas-Oceans-Project@fao.org


01 Dec 2003
Dear member This month, the UN Atlas looks at the North Atlantic Ocean, from the Gulf Stream to the Arctic. The Atlantic has wide continental margins supporting major fisheries and other marine industries. Large centers of population border the coastlines on either side, providing a challenge to coastal zone managers. Wastewater management is among one of the greater problems faced by coastal zone decision-makers - visit the Atlas section for updates on this topic. If you think this Newsletter may interest someone you know, please forward it. To receive it regularly, become a...


01 Nov 2003
This month you will find more information on the tropical Pacific Ocean, particularly the Hawai'ian Islands and the Western Pacific. We encourage any member with a specific interest in this region to submit their information and expand the content in these topics. Your contributions and participation help build and improve the UN Atlas. Thank you, The UN Atlas of the Oceans EditorsVisit the UN Atlas of the Oceans Web siteComments? Please write to UN-Atlas-Oceans-Project@fao.org


01 Oct 2003
Need a photograph of some aspect of the oceans? We have developed an image search feature in the Atlas. Just click on the images button on the home page. There you can see the most recently-added images to the Atlas or you can search for others through topics, keywords, captions and even the name of a photographer.This month two new topics focus on the polar regions in view of their increasing importance in the debate on global warming. This trend, if continued, may change the strategic and economic importance of the Arctic Ocean through its use for commercial shipping routes...
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