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  2. What is the Polar Vortex? (Multimedia) (13%) 
    In this National Geographic video, the Director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center in the USA explains the behavior of the cold polar air jet stream.

  4. Fish and honey - how cooperatives lead to new opportunities (Multimedia) (10%) 
    As part of the FAO ArtFiMed project, a group of small-scale fishers organized a cooperative at Dikky, near the Gibraltar Strait in the Tangier province of Morocco. After training in the artisanal production of honey, they formed a cooperative of fishers-honey producers leading to more responsible fishing, new income sources and diversified activities.

  6. The Right to Survive: Turtle conservation and Fisheries livelihoods (Multimedia) (9%) 
    A film in DVD-VIDEO CD format recently produced by ICSF looks at turtle conservation efforts along the Orissa coast and examines in parallel the situation of artisanal fish workers in turtle conservation areas.

  8. Timor Sea Petroleum Geoscience (Multimedia) (4%) 
    Proceedings of the Timor Sea Symposium. Darwin. 2003

  10. Vatican calls for greater protection of fishermen (Multimedia) (4%) 
    To mark the World Fisheries Day 2013, the Vatican issued a message calling for greater social protection for fishermen and their families.

  12. Cyclone and storm surge preparation in the tropics (Multimedia) (4%) 
    A “hypothetical” discussion about building resilience against extreme weather events. 50 min audio clip.

  14. The effect of climate and weather on our oceans (Multimedia) (3%) 
    The complex relationship between oceans, climate and weather

  16. Hungry Planet: RIO+20 Special Report (Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO) (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Special video for Rio+20

  18. FAO interview on post-harvest losses in fisheries (Multimedia) (3%) 
    A training workshop on the use and collection of data on post-harvest losses in fisheries aims to identify sustainable solutions to reduce losses in artisanal fisheries. The workshop, held in Lomé, Togo, was organized by Togo's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, in collaboration with FAO as part of the NEPAD/FAO Fish Programme. Interview with Yvette DieiOuadi, FAO fishery industry officer (in French)

  20. Small-scale fishers need support to enter regional and international markets (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Interview with FAO analyst on the main challenges facing small-scale fishers and the reasons preventing them from receiving the support they need.

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    Referenced By: Anti-trawling devices snag illegal fishing gears in Cambodia

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