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  2. Small-scale fishers need support to enter regional and international markets (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Interview with FAO analyst on the main challenges facing small-scale fishers and the reasons preventing them from receiving the support they need.

  4. Jacobi, Avi (Contacts) (3%) 

  6. Europeans pioneer ocean acidification research (Multimedia) (3%) 
    European scientists are carrying out pioneering research into ocean acidification. As CO2 is released into the atmosphere it is absorbed by our seas, upsetting the delicate balance of marine life.

  8. The State of the Oceans (Multimedia) (3%) 
    The head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration gives an update on the state of the oceans.

  10. FAO cultured aquatic species fact sheets - Aquaculture (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Multilingual CD-ROM of FAO cultured aquatic species fact sheets - Aquaculture

  12. A long line to nowhere. Tuna fishing in the Coral Sea. (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Fisheries Management in the Coral Sea, Western Pacific

  14. Scientists helping illegal fishermen find alternative industries (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Radio interview on project to stop illegal poaching in Australian waters

  16. The importance of making your own food (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Author and journalist Michael Pollan promotes the virtues of fresh, locally produced and sustainable food.

  18. Industry out of Sight: Container Shipping (Multimedia) (3%) 
    Ninety percent of everything is transported by container ships. Audio download.

  20. Climate talks open in Poland (Multimedia) (3%) 
    In her opening remarks to the 2013 Warsaw meeting, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christina Figueres told participants that climate change has created an unlevel playing field for future generations.

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    Referenced By: Anti-trawling devices snag illegal fishing gears in Cambodia
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