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Maps, Statistics and Databases Maintained by FAO-FI  
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This section represents the entry point to maps, statistics and online databases currently accessible from the UN Atlas of the Oceans and to collections of maps related to the oceans. Another entry point to maps is through the GEOGRAPHY worldview where maps have been catalogued according to their geographic coverage.
Maps from the Atlas of the Oceans
Atlas of the Oceans
Photo title: Atlas of the Oceans
Photo credit: Russian Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography (HDNO)
Collection of maps from the 3 volume Atlas of the Oceans, published by the Russian Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography (HDNO), and covering various aspects of the oceans, are now available. By clicking the link below, users can look at a preview of what is available. Members of UN Atlas can access the full size images of each map from the sub-topic Ocean Maps from Russian Atlas available on the left navigation bar.   See More...
Search the UN Atlas of the Oceans through an interactive map
Interactive map to locate UN Atlas informationAn interactive map, is available as an additional geographic tool to locate Topics and Related Knowledge throughout the Atlas.   See More...
Photo title: Interactive map to locate UN Atlas information
Photo credit: FAO
Statistics and Databases
The UN Atlas of the Oceans contains Fisheries Statistics and Information. It also includes databases such as FAOSTAT, the largest online, multilingual database on food and agriculture covering 50 years, with data on trade in agricultural products, and library databases on the science and management of aquatic organisms and environments.
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New world agriculture census round to kick off in 2016 (restricted access)
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