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Education and awareness building Maintained by UNEP  
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Raising awareness of the need for coastal management is essential to its success. This applies to all levels of communities from local fishermen and hotel owners all the way up to leading government officials and policy makers. Doing this means advertising the fact that current practices are not creating a sustainable coastal environment and pointing out the possible repercussions that massive losses to natural resources and natural habitats could mean to user groups.

To raise awareness, communication and flow of information between relevant agencies, the public, channels of media, and relevant non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is crucial.

Raising environmental awareness and support can be achieved in many ways:
  • In schools as part of a national curriculum
  • Through media channels such as newspapers, popular magazine articles and television.
  • Award schemes for research / projects involving the environment eg the Zayed International prize for the Environment.
  • Public opinion and demands being incorporated into natural resource management.
  • Outreach programmes in communities.
  • Education about environmental issues at higher governmental levels as well as grass roots.
  • Annual report on the state of the environment
  • Local newsletters for the public from government agencies and local NGOs to keep everyone aware of area activities
Management relies heavily on scientific research, hence, regional workshops, with assistance from international NGOs, in order to exchange and share scientific information and procedures to deal with environmental problems is a priority. Modern technology allows the easy electronic networking and sharing of information. If this is not currently an option is should become a future goal.
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Professor Mário Ruivo Prize to award student movie
by Eurocean
12 August 2012

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