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Marine Mammals
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Websites, news and documents on Marine Mammals are available under Related Knowledge of this Topic. For details of the location of marine mammals, please go to the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS).
Humpback whale breaching
Photo title: Humpback whale breaching
Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries
Endangered Hector's Dolphin, New Zealand
Photo title: Endangered Hector's Dolphin, New Zealand
Photo credit: Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society
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Monk Seal and Hump-Backed Dolphin Are Threatened by Fishing Activities Off Coast of Mauritania
by ScienceDaily
25 January 2011

Catalan researchers have studied the marine trophic network in Mauritania, on the north west coast of Africa, which is an extremely heavily exploited fishing area, as well as being home to two of the world's most threatened species of marine mammal -- the monk seal and the Atlantic hump-backed dolphin.
Read more at http://www.sciencedaily. ... 81049.htm.
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