Ocean Exploration

Formation of Ocean Science

The knowledge of the nature of the Ocean was minimal at the beginning of the 19th century; it was known to have some bottom relief, currents, and different water temperatures at different depths, but generally, very little was known in detail, and it was accepted that there was little life at great depths. The first significant break in resolving the Ocean's secrets came about by the research of the young English scientist, Charles Darwin, who made an around-the-world voyage aboard the vessel "HMS Beagle," between 1831-1836. The results of his observations, were assembled and became the basis of his widely known book, "The Origin of the Species", published in 1859. The book awakened the scientific world to an interest in the Oceans and especially about its inhabitants. As an outcome of Darwin's observations, great expeditions to the northern part of Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea were organised on the sailing vessels "Lightning" and "Porcupine".

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