The Oceans of the Future

Vision for the Future

The future of the people of the Earth and the future of the World Ocean are tightly connected. The tendency for humans to use and control the Ocean is explained by the enormous potential of its resources. The Ocean should contribute to feeding the increasing World population, and satisfy the needs of the energy and raw materials industries which are presently being depleted on land. The Ocean is the cradle of life on our planet. It should remain that way, with an environment favourable to the replenishment of life. The only scientifically-justified strategy for using the Ocean environment wisely is to guarantee its rational use, balanced with the protection of the unique marine communities. The foundation for "Oceans of the Future" is Man and the Ocean, a CD-ROM produced by the Russian Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography (HDNO).

Present Construction & Designs for the Future

Future use of the resources of the Ocean and development of commercial relations requires the expansion of construction projects . Ancient Man could only rely on practical knowledge and simple tools. However, modern nautical architectural science and practice rests on an already-developed theoretical base with models showing the natural movement of waters and an extensive network of observations on the land and sea. These observational data are widely used for designing construction projects of commercial structures on the Ocean.

Bold Projects for the Future

The World Ocean - the present storehouse of raw materials and energy, is the acknowledged source for the future of Mankind. The progress made in science and engineering has pushed aside obstacles and barriers for forward thinking and commercial development of maritime projects. The acute shortage of land in many countries, the complexity of entering and leaving existing waterways to a majority of ports, the increasing tendency towards the use of resources of the World Ocean and the strengthening of requirements in the battle against pollution of the environment - all of these factors have brought new life and meaning to ideas for the construction of new ports, industrial facilities, anchorage zones, etc. on artificial islands.

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